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Nicolaus Bohr

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Nicolaus Bohr
Res apud Vicidata repertae:
Nativitas: 7 Octobris 1885; Hafnia
Obitus: 18 Novembris 1962; Hafnia
Patria: Dania
Nomen nativum: Niels Henrik David Bohr


Munus: physicus, professor, nuclear physicist, philosopher of science, pedilusor, chemicus
Patronus: Universitas Hafniensis


Religio: apostasy in Catholicism, atheista


Genitores: Christian Bohr; Ellen Bohr
Coniunx: Margrethe Nørlund
Proles: Ernest Bohr, Erik Bohr, Hans Bohr, Aage Nicolaus Bohr
Familia: Bohr family


Laurae: Praemium Nobelianum physicae, Franklin Medal, Ordo Elephantis, Atoms for Peace Award, Pour le Mérite for Sciences and Arts, Niels Bohr International Gold Medal, Copley Medal, Faraday Lectureship Prize, Max Planck Medal, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Falcon, Hughes Medal, Helmholtz Medal, Matteucci Medal, Honorary doctor of the University of Zagreb, honorary doctorate of Technion, honorary doctor of the Technical University of Denmark, Guthrie Lecture, Foreign Member of the Royal Society
Sepultura: Assistens Cemetery

Nicolaus Henricus David Bohr (Danice: Niels Henrik David Bohr) (7 Octobris 188518 Novembris 1962) physicus Danicus erat et contributor celeber mechanicae quanticae. Multum cum Alberto Einstein et Ernesto Rutherford laborabat. Anno 1922 Praemium Nobelianum Physicae accepit.

Elementum Bohrium et Niels Bohr Institutet, institutus physicae theoreticae Universitatis Hafniensis, nomina a Nicolao Bohr traxerunt. Bohr Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum sodalis fuit.

Sententia Latina ad suum insigne utendum habebat: "Contraria sunt complementa." Ea est ex cogitatione cosmologiae yin et yang Taoismi.

Aage Nicolaus Bohr filius etiam physicus praemium Nobelianum accepit.

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